Every Inspiring Little Moment

Welcome to Papier et Cie, a new lifestyle blog where I express myself and share my passions with my friends and whoever else is interested. Be it writing, traveling, eating, living or just striving to be my best self. 

For this inaugural post I want to talk about inspiration. What inspires you?

Truth be told, I think it`s very hard to say what specifically inspires me, because everything that is good brings me some kind of inspiration and joy. Personally, it could be a song that makes the hair on my arm stand up, a bottle of red wine shared with someone special, a movie that brings me to tears, a great book that moves me…walking barefoot on wet grass in a summer day. ❤

I think that being inspired means to always thrive to be better, to perfect myself in order to reach the same level of whatever inspired me on a given  moment. What inspires me today is not what inspired me ten years ago, and that is the beauty of the effect everything that surrounds us has on what we strive to become.

Putting this into simpler words, surround yourself with good people, good conversations, good thoughts and most importantly, good food, and you will notice yourself becoming a better person – this is something that I need to remind myself of every so often, that body+soul walk hand in hand, and if one is not doing well and stumbling along, the other will be effected negatively.

There has to be harmony between what you feed your soul and your body, both need to be just as good to maintain a perfect balance.

It has taken me a while to realize that the most beautiful and inspiring things live inside those precious moments in life, they are really so small that if we are not paying attention we miss them.

I love the feeling of walking into a library and being overcome by the scent of paper and ink, flipping through the smooth pages of a book with my fingers. Knowing, with anticipation, that the book  I am holding will take me on an unforgettable adventure.

That inspires me.

Bates Hall BPL

Bates Hall at the Boston Public Library – Credit of photo is to The Boston Magazine

 According to the English dictionary to be inspired means to be animated and/or aroused to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence.

For some people inspiration has to be very visual, like a picture or a scene from a movie,  for others it can come with a scented candle or a song on the radio, even a memory can be inspiring.

The essence of inspiration is very personal. What inspires you? It`s a question that you need to ask your inner self, and only he/she will be able to answer.

Everyone has a little madness inside, and the secret is letting that madness shine through in positive ways. It is the only way you will ever be able to meet your wonderful inspired and creative self, otherwise it will be like trying to tell a joke when you don`t have a sense of humor.

I once read a book called On Writing by Stephen King, it`s a wonderful work by this famed author, worth the read. Anyways, something he wrote caught my attention and I immediately started to relate it to all aspects of my life. It was something along the lines of: The first time you do something do it for yourself, as if only you would ever see it. From that first draft you will be able to proof read and see what needs to be scraped off or changed. The second time do it for the world. First conclusion: Never refrain from doing something in fear of how others will judge you. Second conclusion: Always share your work with others and be open to their opinions, they could be very constructive. I am still working on the second part. 🙂


Coffee is my best friend, seriously.

He most certainly inspires me in the right moments, and gets  me going in the morning. That moment when I take that first sip, when black liquid touches my lips, the scented warm steam rising from the cup, it is literally like taking a gulp of life. I think I can speak for my self and half of the world when I say that coffee is a powerful ally and a good friend.

I hope you enjoy this space as much as I do!






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