My two cents: President Trump

On November 9th of last year the world woke up to the shocking results of the U.S. elections. Donald J. Trump would be the 45th president of the United States.

Today was his inauguration, and the whole world watched as President Elect Trump prepared to take the oath and be sworn into the most important job on earth. If he keeps all promises made on his twitter  account of what his first actions would be on his first day in office, Monday will be a very busy day for President Trump.

Analyzing what this means for our future it is not hard to conclude that this will be a make it or break it presidency. Either it will be very good and effective, and we will all learn that the extremist right, conservative and populist politic that has been surging around the globe works or it will go very wrong and the consequences felt for generations to come.

Too dramatic? Well maybe, but in my twenty-eight years on this earth – you could say ten of it aware of politics and global affairs – I never imagined that a man with Trump`s background would one day be the next POTUS. Another thing about this election is that it actually opens a precedent for future presidential elections to come. What or who could stop Kanye West from really running for President of this great nation in 2020, as promised by him a while back?! Scared yet?




Not too long ago we all knew this man who now holds executive and military power over this country very well as a showman – a very  public figure that held celebrity status while presenting a reality show called The Apprentice and making the catchy “You`re fired!” phrase popular.

He was a real estate mogul, who made a lot of money and consequently cheated a lot of people from their money along the way. Not to mention the scandal surrounding his real estate seminar Trump University.  A man like Donald Trump does not lose, he is a man who likes to buy things cheap and sell them at sky level prices. He is a specialist in capitalizing at all costs, and something tells me that we will pay for a lot more than he is worth.

The question everyone is asking is whether or not he can do the same for his country. A revitalization of the economy, an overhaul of ethnicity and culture. Is it scary? YES! How can we look at him and not see the man who lived so publicly and caused so much controversy? As a Brazilian expat, daughter of immigrants that moved to this country for a better life and greater opportunities, when I listen to President Trump`s words on foreign affairs and immigration policy reform it makes me sick. He talks of refugees and immigrants like they were simple numbers that need to be dealt with and subtracted. He literally bundles everybody that was not born in American territory into a single package and judges them unworthy of remaining in american soil based on actions taken by a minority. Do I think there has to be an immigration reform? Yes. Do I agree with the President`s radicalism on the issue? No!

I mean, here is this man promising to shake up a 226 year old system with no actual credible qualification and experience to show other than capitalizing on other people`s misfortune.

We should all be wary, but also hopeful that this will not be a complete disaster, that we will learn from this transition of power and become stronger.

Finally, if there is one thing that sticks to my mind whenever I have a negative thought about this new era we are all heading into, it is to keep positive about it. After all, President Trump was elected democratically and deserves the chance of proving himself a good leader to this and other nations that look up to the United States for guidance in the field of international affairs.

F.Fernandes XO

Photos taken from: CNNArquivesJohn Stango


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