The Fearless Girl

Yesterday was  International Women`s Day, and I wanted to wish every woman in this world empowerment and courage to rise above. I wanted to have posted this yesterday, but lack of time and sound mind to edit this before bed made it a hard task. I am a firm believer that women`s day is every day, here goes nothing.

On March 8th, my day started like every other day. I checked and replied my e-mails at work, then I scanned through the day`s news before jumping on my tasks. My heart was filled with joy when I saw the picture of a little bronze girl starring down a bronze statue of a bull, twice her size, in the middle of Wall Street. What they say about an image being worth a thousand words has never been so true, I quickly started reading more about that new addition to the famous street and thought how nice it would be if we saw demonstrations like that more often.

The girl is beautiful, and stands tall in the financial center of the world. A place that has been, for so long, dominated by men. She is  a symbol of hope and fight, but sadly, not a permanent one. According to State Street, the global financial services company behind the message that little girl represents, the statue will remain there for about a month. State Street also released a statement about the concept behind the Fearless Girl, she represents the importance of diversity and a call on inclusion of more women in corporate boards for companies with an aggregate market capitalization of $30 trillion or more.

After a year where woman had so much to stand up to, from anti feminist political voices to threats on established women`s rights, 2016 was a year of fight. The art installation is a symbol and a reminder of what that fight is about. It is about standing up to inequality, violence and prejudice.


Women are just as fierce and brave as that bull looks. We will continue our fight in 2017, until their is no such thing as gender gaps or inequality. As long as society still believes that women are not strong or capable enough we will unite and show our strength. We are enough.

Unfortunately it is very hard to identify prejudice or gender undermining when it happen`s in places like work or school. Most of the time prejudice is masked as a joke or a simple eye roll when a women chips in with an opinion in a meeting. The relentless effort by some men to keep women from complete equality is, if you think about it, shocking. You would expect that after so many years (96 years, to be exact,  since the first election women were allowed to vote in 1920, plus 100 years we fought prior to that for that right) society would have already shed the conception that women hold an inferior place in the world.

So let`s be fearless, let`s raise little girls to become fighters and believe that they are enough to be all that they want to be in the world. Let`s raise little boys to think of girls and women as their equal rather then someone that needs to be tamed in some way or another. The time to start laying the blocks for a more inclusive and equal society is now.

Please leave your thoughts and opinions below, and thanks for catching up! ❤

Pictures: The Boston Globe


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