The Fearless Girl

Yesterday was  International Women`s Day, and I wanted to wish every woman in this world empowerment and courage to rise above. I wanted to have posted this yesterday, but lack of time and sound mind to edit this before bed made it a hard task. I am a firm believer that women`s day is every day, here goes nothing.

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Best political dramas to start watching tonight!

Washington, D.C. is where the term dog-eat-dog world was invented. The city that breaths politics, backroom negotiations and secrecy. Where the people democratically picked to represent you work  to make big decisions on your behalf.

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My two cents: President Trump

On November 9th of last year the world woke up to the shocking results of the U.S. elections. Donald J. Trump would be the 45th president of the United States.

Today was his inauguration, and the whole world watched as President Elect Trump prepared to take the oath and be sworn into the most important job on earth. If he keeps all promises made on his twitter  account of what his first actions would be on his first day in office, Monday will be a very busy day for President Trump.

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