The Fearless Girl

Yesterday was  International Women`s Day, and I wanted to wish every woman in this world empowerment and courage to rise above. I wanted to have posted this yesterday, but lack of time and sound mind to edit this before bed made it a hard task. I am a firm believer that women`s day is every day, here goes nothing.

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Discover: Huntington Beach

One of the biggest states in the country, California is a gold mine for explorers and travelers from all walks of life. From amazing beaches to life changing and defying trails like the Pacific Crest to state of the art wineries – this is definitely a one of a kind destination that should be on everybody’s wanderlust bucket list.

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Eat like the Japanese – they are on to something.

It is no coincidence that the Japanese have a  very low mortality rate and overall healthier lifestyle. Recent research and scientific articles point this to the Japanese diet, or the official dietary guidelines followed by the Japanese population. I will call it guidelines simply because they do not think of this as a diet per say, they do not restrict anything from their daily food intake. It is all based on portion control, mindful healthy eating and Hara hachi bun me (腹八分目/はらはちぶんめ) which translate into “only eat until you are 80% full”.

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